Julia Kate

i am the daughter of Glen & Berna

sister of Joshua & Jacob

sister-in-law/love of Chara & Rachelle

auntie of Brooklyn Joy & Kingston Josiah

friend to some amazing people

writer of blogs, poetry, music, & non-fiction

singer of black gospel, jazz, & whatever works

a philanthropist

and a nanny in Los Angeles.

i was born in Whittier, Ca.

raised in Miami, Fl.

returned to Los Angeles a decade ago.

i spent nearly 2 years doing missions work in France.

i’m 33 years old and have been in church leadership for 17 years.

certified PK, DK, MK,  and surviving the church is a large portion of my testimony.

this blog is a collection of semi-edited ideas…

ideas on faith, love, the church, and the process of being & becoming me.


Julia Kate

Tither of Innovation

[Job 32-37]

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    • jim
    • May 20th, 2010

    Hi Julia
    When were you in France? and where? I lived there for four years in the 80s, then again 2000-2009. I founded la fonderie (www.lafonderie.org), working with artists in Paris. We opened an arts space in 2006.

    Have we met?

    jim beise

      • JuliaKate
      • May 20th, 2010

      hey Jim,
      I think we may have met. if not, then i have at least met your wife or kids or something, ha! i lived in france 2004-2006 (first in Massy at les cedres & then in my own place in Montmartre) . i went as a missionary with Greater Europe Mission and ended up working with LTC & Hillsong Paris. Johan is my uncle’s cousin. i was his assistant… definitely my favourite job while in france. i also taught bible studies with Margaret Howell at the American Church in Paris and still consider her a dear friend. Marie took over at LTC for me when i had to leave.
      i went to la Fonderie quite a few times… what an awesome thing that was. i set up the Forum de louange and the composers forum too. i really enjoyed my time there.
      so now you know… i’m julia and we know a lot of the same people, lol;)

  1. Maybe I’m blind but I don’t see your Twitter ID anywhere on your blog. You know, so I can follow you. 🙂

      • JuliaKate
      • October 4th, 2010

      great point! It’s @juliakate & i’ll add it to the blog today.

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