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As the plane took off, all I wanted was for the pilot to dim the lights so my tears could fall unnoticed. Staring at the city below, my chest tightened. I wasn’t sad to be leaving Nashville, I was sad because I knew I’d be leaving LA.

As the slideshow in my mind began, I saw my parents at Sunday brunch, my nephew talking non-stop of airplanes & wild animals, my niece sharing her deep thoughts on why the world works as it does, my brothers and sisters laughing and teasing each other… the tears fell. Then I thought of my friends that I love and cherish, and my Disneyland pass… Oh, how I’ll miss Disneyland. More tears. By the time the sky turned black, those tears had dried and I felt the tensed muscles release. I was finally able to catch my breath.

Now I could say it. It was okay to think it. Perhaps not yet share it, but it was time to feel it. I was moving to Nashville.

If Nashville were a man, he’d be my Bubba. He’s the man that was comfortable with his flaws & his strengths, both cuddly and studly, a trustworthy good ol’boy. The man that didn’t take it personal that it wasn’t love at first sight, but a gradual attraction. The man that opened the door, pulled out my chair, called me a lady, and invited me to relax and just be me. He was a calm man, no need to be pushy, or prove himself worthy. He smelled like home to me. He felt like home to me. He looked like home to me. He invited me to come, be at home with him.

I’ve been released into uncharted territory. I’ve been given the nod, the go ahead, the wink, and the wave of the hand. My God said “I’m with you.” I have no more ideas or plans. I’ve run out of strategies and assumptions. I’ve figured all that I can figure and instead of pushing for answers, I’ve decided to trust the unknown. This is new territory for me. It’s exciting and maddening at the same time.

The steps I’ll take to get to Nashville are obvious ones, not much strategy required. I’ll share the news with my family and friends, and ask them for insight and prayer. I’ll obtain a job, most likely as a nanny, thus becoming the Nashville Nanny;) I’ll begin the hunt for an apartment and decide how I’ll be lugging my stuff across the country. Then I’ll pack up and go. Makes sense. The rest, well, I have no idea. And I’m okay with that. Because God said He’s with me and Bubba said he’s leaving the porch light on.

*this post was written and edited while aboard a 737 BNA>LAX


The start of something good… the continuation of something right.

  • Be a Volunteer. Volunteer for community based outreaches within your church, or within your city/county. Volunteerism has proven to be more effective than any other means of “assistance”.
  • Be Green. It is our responsibility as Christians who have “dominion” to care for and nurture the land in which we dwell and the land we will leave to future generations. Simple changes such as buying less or requiring less disposable items (Ziploc bags, Ziploc containers, paper towels, napkins, paper plates/cups, plastic utensils, bottled water, plastic/paper grocery bags, needless receipts, etc.) Reusing is better than recycling since recycling takes much energy resource and will soon be revamped completely because of the toxins it can release into the atmosphere.
  • Be Conscientious. Learn about Fair trade and make the effort to follow your conscience. Fair trade products are just a small percentage more in cost than items lacking accountability, but every penny not spent on those non-fair trade items makes a dent in their ability to do business without a conscience. Products to look for are: Coffee, Tea, Sugar, anything made with Cotton. See this website for more details: Also learn about how the products you purchase are made. Have some of our favourite designers turned a blind eye on human slavery, harmful child labor, “sweat shops”, etc. in order to make the cheapest product possible for the highest profit possible. See this site for more details:
  • Be Ethical. Pay your taxes, offer medical care for your employees, don’t spend what you don’t have, and live a life of integrity.
  • Be Generous. Epidemics such as Poverty, Homelessness, Teenage Pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, Human Trafficking, Human Slavery, Drug Dependency, Domestic Abuse, Political & Religious Persecution… the list goes on, these can all be penetrated by Generosity. Generosity of finances, time, energy & efforts, and even generosity of words.
  • Be Vocal. “How will they know if they haven’t heard?” Who we are is reflected in our speech, our conversation, & our thinking. Spread these ideas and be vocal about who you are and what you have learned.

Epic SoJu

Patriot games…

it cannot be denied that America no longer resembles its ideals. it cannot be denied that we have lost our way. it cannot be denied that we are not righteous, but rather we are guilty… undeniably guilty. we can repent. we can carry out justice. we can love one another. we can live humbly. yes we can.

this story is not about a man, but about a people that couldn’t stand by any longer allowing business as usual to run amuck.  i am not a patriot.  i am not an elitist.  i do not support war.  i don’t think passivity is purposeful.  i am not a racist.  i am not a nationalist.  i am not a capitalist.  i am a christian.

to be born in the USA is to be born with a certain set of opportunities.  but to be born in general offers it’s own portion of opportunity.  the choice to do right or wrong.  the opportunity to love or hate.  the option to obey or to revolt.  the decision to live as long as you are afforded or to end it on your terms.  these are the very opportunities that we will be judged on.  when your hands are empty, there is still opportunity to give.  when you have been used, beaten, enslaved and starved you can choose to love those who are in the same place as you, those that have brought this upon you and those that are indifferent to your suffering.  you can choose to love.

Righteous living is not only living within the will of God, as in His plan and direction for your life, but living in the Way of God.  How did our God do His living when He lived on this earth?  His righteousness never brought oppression.  His wealth was never at the cost of another.  His holiness never had an aftertaste of pride and judgment.  When He left this world, He left it a better place because He had lived here.  Can we say the same?  Or do we offer a more marginal explanation of some good works amongst a long list of “power moves”?  We are not righteous.  We are prideful.  We are far from God in our actions and in our thinking.  We are not following Christ.  We are leading the world in a way that seemeth right to man, but in the end it leads to death.

let the kingdom of God be invisible and the most powerful force existing.  and let the governments of this world be mindful, their kingdom is divided and vulnerable.

I pledge allegiance to the Kingdom of God, and put no other kingdoms or kings before it.  I pledge to serve it’s purpose for all of my days.  I commit my life to it’s King and it’s creed.  This life is to love, live, give, and die.  This is my oath and with His grace, Yes i Can.

Christmas shopping

i am content and satisfied with the action provoked by intense and appropriate revelation.

i have finished my Christmas preparations and have done it all with a clear conscience and little efforts.

why does it seem so challenging?  it wasn’t that complicated.  it just took a bit of knowledge, creativity & frugality.

26 gifts, all fair trade, all a good value, most contributed to causes i care about and support and all for less than $300.

let Christ be the center and me be a reflector.

if you’re out there…

if you’re out there, can you hear what He’s been saying?

if you’re out there, can you see how the tides are turning?

if you’re out there, can you smell the stench of death?

if you’re out there, can you taste the obvious urgency?

if you’re out there, can you feel the desperation in the air?

how can you not move?

how can you not propose a change?

how can you not intervene?

how can you hesitate?

silly doctrine has you waiting.

insecurity has you convinced you are incapable.

revelation lets you loose.

creation’s calling and you’re late.

“If you’re ready we can shake the world
Believe again
It starts within
We don’t have to wait for destiny
We should be the change that we want to see.”

If You’re Out There by John Legend

Why I voted for Obama.

i took my time in listening, researching and asking the questions as they came and this weekend i chose.

Oprah was a turn off.  Celebrity in general was the source for ultimate unattractiveness.  Popularity even seemed to push me to the other side.  But it all came down to what do i really believe about the condition of this country and where do my most valuable values lie.  i am not a capitalist.  i am not a vowed patriot.  i am not an american elitist.  i am not what i am supposed to be in most people’s eyes.  i am not public with my core beliefs, but these beliefs are written out clearly within the gospels.  these beliefs are not perpetual within the creed of my religion or the mission statement of my church…these beliefs are spoken from the mouth of the Christ and through the record of His actions.

Obama identifies more with my beliefs than not.  i have read the reports and heard the critics.  i have seen the videos concerning late term abortions and his ties to terrorists.  i was glued to the tv when news was breaking about Rev. Wright.  i am aware.  i chose him none the less.

and the rest remains private until it’s due time.