An Open Letter to the Secretary of Christ:

I don’t feel rebellious. I don’t feel uneasy about the course I am on. I just don’t agree with who we’ve become.

I don’t believe that the 10% we require is what He meant. I think we hang on to it out of our need for checks and balances.

I don’t believe in loyalty to the institution. I think we require it out of our insecurity.

I don’t believe in the priority of the ‘Service’ itself. I think we push it because of our need to control.

I don’t believe in competing with the world. I think we do it because we lack a revelation of identity.

I don’t believe in the necessity of being ‘cutting edge’ or modernizing. I think the truth never needs adaptation, just clarification.

I don’t believe in puffed up salaries that are funded by people’s sacrifice. I think we are taking advantage.

i am bothered by our show when there is no sign of righteous living.

i am bothered when our song leaders are passed off as worship leaders.

i am bothered by sermons that are doctrinally incorrect and double minded.

i am bothered by the needs that go unmet because they aren’t a part of the institution’s focus.

i am bothered by the fact that ambition goes unrecognized and is often misrepresented as passion.

i have hope that we can do better.

i have hope that we will discover who we are in this world and to our God.

i have hope that we will grow in utilization of all we have been given.

i have hope that we will speak truth and exemplify grace.

i have hope that we will one day give up our ideas
and our control and allow ourselves to become
the Church,
a Bride,
and no longer a Secretary.
i have hope.

Isaiah 1:12-27


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  1. POWERFUL, POIGNANT, DYNAMIC and OUCH!I resigned as Secretary awhile ago!

  2. Amen.

    • Joe
    • November 16th, 2011

    I’m conflicted. Sometimes I wonder if I’m jaded or have been liberated. I’ve stopped attending. I can’t sincerely sit there and not walk away w/o feeling like it’s such a production. An illusion created by us that takes advantage of people’s sincere search for identity and need for belonging and acceptance. Buy your blessing is usually my recap or choose to feel good which isn’t doctrinally sound. God is real and his love is real and his sacrifice is above our understanding. But what the church is offering is dependence. Dependence on a watered down msg that only “tickle’s your ears”. Or like you mention, a double minded msg… “hmm… was the offering/tithes a bit low last week?” Yet, I’m conflicted. Conflicted b/c if not this, then what? conflicted b/c I have little kids who I want to raise knowing and loving Jesus. Do I not count on the church for this? Step outside the church for a second and remove our “Christian goggles” and we’ll understand people’s complaints about why they’re not interested in “our Jesus”. What’s interesting is that their complaints are ALL about the church and not one about Him. But the church is not listening. (great blog, Julia)

      • JuliaKate
      • November 16th, 2011

      i have hope Joe. i really do. but for now, in our current state, i would tend to look at having your kids in most churches as you would in sending your kids to public school. it’s for education, diversity, mission, and opportunity. but it’s risky. i was raised in church and i was taught that it was okay to question it. i not only survived, i assisted in the rescue of others while i was there. i do believe healthy church gatherings exist, but perhaps they don’t look anything like the model we see and perhaps we are missing them because they don’t advertise. most likely, depending on the condition of the Church and what is locally available at the time, when i have children i will “home church” them and have community with believers and unbelievers to ensure their “education, diversity, mission, and opportunity”. i wish the Church could hear your heart on this… regardless, your Father does.

        • Joe
        • November 16th, 2011

        hmm… Thx. food for thought. 😉

  3. Wow, this is awesome! Insecurity, control, and a lack of revelation of our identity…I really think you nailed it!

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