Never Beyond: we all have a present

“we all have a past.” these words are offered to those that are repentant.

“we all have a past, but we are accepted.” these words are afforded to those hesitant in trusting forgiveness.

more and more people are sharing their stories these days, telling their dirty tales with redemptive endings.  more and more people are willing to present their past as an example of God’s goodness, His grace, and His miracle working power.

i have a friend. she got caught living out a shameful present. i asked her how she’d been received by the Church, how they were handling her reconciliation. she said they’d accepted her and encouraged her that we all have a past. i looked her dead in the eyes and asked her “did anyone tell you that they had a present? did anyone mention the sin they now carry and cover up? friend, there’s no doubt that i have a past, you know that. but admittedly i have a present. i can offer you grace today, because God offers me grace today”. this grace is fresh and potent, new everyday and most necessary for my survival. His grace is steady, ready, and able to cover our past, our present and our future.

The team at People of the Second Chance (POTSC) has begun the Never Beyond Poster Series and i am offering my blog space to engage conversation on the matters of Forgiveness and Grace. this week’s Poster is in the likeness of Casey Anthony. i know her name best from the flood of facebook statuses and twitter updates that came during her trial and of course the wild river of opinion that covered my feeds on the day of her verdict. i do not know the condition of  Ms. Anthony’s heart. i haven’t listened in on her prayers or noted her silence. so, from the stand point of not knowing, what then can i determine concerning her position and her standing with God? whether she be innocent, guilty, repentant or indifferent, one thing is obvious… she is still very much in her present.

and in her present, i ask YOU this, what then can WE offer her?

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  1. Grace in the present, what a beautiful concept. In a journey where ethics, morality and even vison are skewed due to misinformation and spiritual incompetence, we are in desperate need of grace in the present, every hour of every day.

      • JuliaKate
      • August 17th, 2011

      What is strange to me is that it’d seem abstract at all. Thank you for adding your thoughts Josh.

    • Natalie Allen
    • August 17th, 2011

    I am never surprised at “surprising” court case verdicts. I think it’s because I expect that a justice system which human beings are in charge of to be imperfect, because human beings are imperfect. Only God knows justice. Only God is perfect.

    Each of us is ‘never beyond’ gross offense. Each of us us ‘never beyond’ God’s grace. By His grace we do good and by His grace we are forgiven for doing evil.

  2. Beautiful!! Thank you for refreshing my heart about the reality of present grace for others and myself.

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