the girl*

I am the girl who wants it all, yet admits to none of it.

I am the girl who gives it all, yet awaits a decent return.

I am the girl that walks the walk and speaks in parables.

I am the girl that sees your heart and grows deeper in love.

I am the girl who’s awaiting your words & holding on tight.

I am the girl who’s reaching out further & exploring deeper.

I am the girl that questions it all in hope of brilliant answers.

I am the girl that won’t give up, without a good fight of course.

I am the girl that you hoped you’d find, but just didn’t realize.

I am the girl.

I am that girl.


*originally posted 3 Nov. 2009

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  1. In working with the orphans of India, this blog takes me to the heart of those little girls who wait, want, and dare to hope for someone to recognize their value. Mankind has been given such amazing opportunity to love… When love is freely given, even the girl in waiting is filled with joy, having been given the to love back, releasing her amazing person to another, fulfilling her dream!

    As a girl, I am pleased that you contemplate on our behalf.


      • JuliaKate
      • April 5th, 2011

      i’ve found that many christians perpetuate a conflict between what we say we desire and what we actually desire. we want it all. we want a decent return on our investments. we want to discover & partner with brilliance and never be associated with the mediocre. we crave kind and attentive words, perhaps even more than food and shelter. we desire deeply for our value to be realized, especially by those who surround us.
      thank you for reading and sharing and encouraging me on my journey for truth.

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