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i love the concept of ending the year “in the black”, without debt, or hidden unforgiveness, without unspoken apologies or reconcilable misunderstandings. just ending the year, this decade, free and clear of any unnecessary burden or baggage. it hasn’t been my intention to let things just lie there unsettled or unresolved, yet it happens time and time again. i am unsure what my move should be, so i do nothing. i am fearful of losing ground, so i stand needlessly firm. the conscience has spoken, but her words were drowned in the advice of the world. i am determined, once again, to look back, extend a hand, offer my repentance, and listen in closely. i am determined to make every effort to end this year “in the black” and begin the new year in freedom.

while considering the closure of another year, my heart is prompted towards the great needs that surround us. The open-ended, unfinished business of being Christ’s hands extended. provided below are just a few of the non-profit organizations that are close to my heart. if we can assist them financially, or other organizations like them, in ending the year in the black, or relieve them of even a portion of the burden of starting a new year in the red, then it’ll be easier for them to expand, extend their services, and accomplish even greater things. please read about these amazingly effective organizations and consider how you can assist:)

Shoes That Fit: Changing Lives, One Pair of Shoes at a Time

Shoes That Fit began in Claremont, California, my current city of residence, in 1992 as the vision of one person with a heart for children and a passion for empowerment. it has turned into the largest national organization of its kind. they are helping children in need in thousands of schools across America. hundreds of thousands of new shoes and other items have been given out and that number is growing rapidly. accepting no government funding whatsoever, and with 100% of community donations going directly to school children through an impressive network of volunteer-run local grassroots chapters, Shoes That Fit is uniquely efficient and effective in its life-changing operations.* Click Here
to Give

Union Rescue Mission* (URM Los Angeles): The Way Home
this mission has been the “go to” for both those that i’ve met in need of shelter and assistance and those who were in need of an opportunity to serve and give. URM is one of the largest missions of its kind and the oldest in Los Angeles. Union Rescue Mission embraces those experiencing homelessness with compassion and resource. they serve the whole person, men, women and children, in mind, body, and spirit by providing a comprehensive array of emergency and long-term services, including: food, shelter, clothing, medical and dental care, recovery programs, transitional housing, legal assistance, education, counseling, and job training. it is their mission to help these precious people find their way home.* a very generous friend to the Mission has offered to match every gift that comes in from now until the end of the year—up to $250,000! Click Here to Give

Laundry Love – Santa Ana

Laundry Love Projects (LLPs) are regular opportunities to help people who are struggling financially by assisting them with doing their laundry. relationships are built, and LLPs become small communities of common concern in which participants often find that they receive assistance and benefit with other areas of their lives. for those living below the poverty line, washing clothes presents both a logistical problem and a financial hardship. from a conversation with a local homeless friend who conveyed this basic need, the Laundry Love Project™ (LLP) was birthed. Laundry Love Projects partner with local laundromats in cleaning the clothes of those living in shelters, motels, cars, garages and on the streets. it is their mission to take laundromats and convert them into hubs of relief, granting reprieve to those living in oppressive poverty through aid in education, basic medical care and assistance in job and housing placement.* Click Here to Give

David and Margaret Youth and Family Services: Sharing Hope Since 1910

David & Margaret, located in La Verne, Ca. has a proud tradition of serving children and families in need and has a successful track record in changing people’s lives through a
comprehensive range of services including residential services and an on-grounds school for adolescent girls, a foster family agency, adoption assistance, a self-injury program, mental health services, family preservation support, treatment for learning disabilities, transitional housing for youth ages 18-25 at risk for homelessness, a mentoring program for youth in foster care, and other community-based programs for youth and families.* Click here to give

~i appreciate you taking the time to read and to consider how you will assist these efforts or others like them.

wishing you and yours a joyous new year!

Julia Kate


*All information compiled from their respective websites.

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  1. Thanks for including. Laundry Love Santa Ana in your year end giving list. Its pretty cool in my book (;

  2. Woot!

  3. Really a great list. Brilliant choices.

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