on Keepin it Simple…

Keep it simple; you are the equipment.

Luke 9:4a

when i was a teen, i had a major fashion rule. before i left the house, i’d remove one accessory from my ensemble. during this season of life, i tried not only too hard to be cool, but too hard to cover up my chunky body. i wasn’t fooling anyone. a fluffy sweater on a warm day was not only silly but completely unflattering. now, as an adult, i rarely require such a ritual. i tend to not add excess to begin with. i like the idea of having a focal point, with the rest of the ensemble existing to support and compliment that particular focal point, ME. i have learned that beauty is best revealed within the strategy of simplicity.

sometimes the church reminds me of a junior higher that’s trying way too hard. some of us have dressed the bride in ruffled sequence gowns (complete with petticoat and train), rainbow highlighted hair extensions, light up platform shoes, cocktail rings on every finger, and 3 holes in each earlobe with 3 different pairs of earrings. we present her in a background of fog and strobe lights, video rolling, music blaring, and bass pumping like some sort of prize fighter. i am not making fun of the church. i just think, like with any junior higher leaving the house looking somewhat ridiculous, someone needs to have a sit down, a heart to heart talk with the church.

a like so…

church, why are you trying so hard to alter your appearance? is there something about yourself that you are dissatisfied with or embarrassed of? why, my dear, are you feeling so insecure? you are loved. without all the additives, you are loved by your groom in waiting. is it for the acceptance of those who have rejected you? what makes you think that these efforts will cause them to choose you? everything in their world is dressed up, marketed, peddled, and fabricated. you won’t capture their hearts by being the same. you are enough. you, as you were intended, created, and presented, is more than enough.  it is your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control that will not only get their attention, but sustain their attention. it’s in your eyes, your touch, your embrace, the truth in your words and hope in your hands. there’s no need to load yourself up with unnecessary accessories or equipment. Keep it simple Sweetheart. You are the Equipment.

Matthew 19:21 BBE

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  1. That made me want to hug the church and buy it some some ice cream. Folks, over time , have thought that I disliked the church, opposed the church and even was intent on destroying the church, but that is not the case. I simply want to see the church be all that she was designed to be.

    It’s easy to accept the awkwardness of junior-higher when they are 13, but when they are 2000…well, it’s a whole different story. It’s hard to not see a problem when you begin your search of church systematics in the scriptures. You very quickly realize a vast difference in what we see today in the majority of church gatherings.

    The premise being, a simple gathering (mostly in homes) with liturgical elements (readings, hymns, sacraments, etc) being experienced. Believers attended the gatherings, not outsiders. Evangelism was done in a separate environment all together, naming the community. Today’s churches (the flashy ones specifically) have been set up to draw new converts. The lights, fog, cooler music, sermons (usually professing how great your life will be be as a Christian) and the ever famous alter call are all there for the non-believer. This is in my opinion, the greatest difference between the church today and the early church. The church has no done away with many of the liturgies, just re-prioritized them in light of gaining acceptance from the outside world. This has been the case since the 2nd century.

      • JuliaKate
      • October 12th, 2010

      you are correct swodeck. most of what we protect so fiercely is not sacred. the ideas have evolved over time. the church is not 13, but there definitely is an immaturity in most of its leadership. though we are over 2,000 years old, we are handed off to the next generation for care and leadership. my hope is that the next generation will make a clean cut from harmful and unnecessary additives that have led to the current state of the church.
      remember, this is tither of innovation… i’m only offering a 10th;)

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