Hoop Dreams

what shall i do to be in your good grace?

what shall i give to be worthy of your attention?

what should i say so that you may know my intention?

what should i be that would make you even want me?

bring out the obstacle course.  set forth the scenarios and set backs.

you’re looking for worn out texts, calloused knees, and cracked lips.

bring out the hoops and set their height. tighten the chains and hide the key.

you’re looking for ambition and an assistant that can keep the magician’s secret.

i’d look great in a corset, thin and flexible i could bend to any of your demands.

this is what i wanted. you said this is what i should want. isn’t this exactly what i wanted?

openly questioning the way the world works and challenging the power of the powerful is not an activity customarily rewarded.

Dale Spender

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    • Sylvia Jauregui
    • September 14th, 2010

    good quote. sad, but true. we are often taught to stay in line, shut up and don’t question. but didn’t Christ tell us to be child like. last time i checked, my nieces are always asking me why and how. good food for thought Jules

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