sunday morning dedications with Art Laboe

this is how the scenario goes… i push myself out of bed, wash my face, make my french pressed Bustello, slip into an acceptable ensemble, hop in my car and make my way to church.  now maybe most folks turn up their favourite worship cd or preaching tape to get pumped, but not i… i have a whole different approach.

apart from Jesus, i’d say that my relationship with His Church has been my most prominent*. Good times, bad times, times of fulfillment, times of abuse, times of service, times of neglect… ups and downs, but there is love still.  so here’s the deal, when i hear songs on the radio i often dedicate them to the Church in my head.  depending on the season, the songs could be lovely or explicit**.  either way, it’s real and it’s my process.  i thought i’d share a few.

Currently, as i’m giving the Church another “go”:  (Drake’s “Find Your Love”)

and on Optimistic days during my “church hunt”:  (Michael Buble’s “Just haven’t met you yet”)

and on days of  Hope, Longing and some Disillusionment:  (John Mayer’s “Body is a Wonderland”)

and on days of sobriety after abuse, and unbelievable frustration***:  (Lauryn Hill’s “Get Out”)

and in times of communion and intimacy with my maker & our Bridegroom:  (Gungor’s “Beautiful Things”)

…out of chaos LIFE is being found in HIM.

Thanks for listening.

* non-blood relative, or family

** decided not to include the Eminem, Kanye, or Alanis;)

*** this song was instrumental is saving my life… literally.

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  1. here’s my sunday morning favorite.

    “The Scientist” by Coldplay

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