Pretty Pink Holsters: a lesson on meekness from Tarantino

Dedicated to those with “loaded guns”, a lesson on Meekness from Quentin Tarantino~~

Iconoclasts: Episode w/ Quentin Tarantino + Fiona Apple  (a repost)

Quentin: “Here’s the thing. They can write a mean letter. They can write a mean memo, but these guys don’t really have any real fight in them. If you’re a real artist and you will go all the way, if you’re an artist as opposed to a careerist and your movie is more important to you than a career in this town…they can never beat you. You have a loaded gun in your waistband, in your belt. You’ve got a loaded gun and its filled with bullets. And you know you’ve got what it takes to put it in their face and blow their heads off. You have what it takes to do that. If you know you can go there, its about NEVER taking the gun out, its about NEVER touching the gun. Never raising it. Never pulling the trigger. Never blowing their heads off. Its about not going there, about not doing it. But you know you can. So if you have to flash it… IT MEANS SOMETHING.”

Guess I’ll ask for a pretty pink holster for my birthday=)


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    • BernaLee
    • May 25th, 2010

    can you find me a resource-shop for the pretty pink holster? thanks, mom

  1. great re-post. i love mr. tarantino for this very reason. the drive of a creative…willing to put it all on the line for the sake of his art…his expression…his heart.

    in thinking about my journey to discover truth in Christianity and the modern church, there are ample times where i must choose to be an “artist” or a “careerist”. choose to put my passion before my positioning in the church.

    there is a pistol on my hip and it is loaded with shards of truth i have picked up along my journey. i have never had to pull the pistol from my hip…but its comforting to know it’s there.

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