the Church of the “assist”, Does it still exist?

i’ve been thinking for the past few days on how i could take action in such a time of loss, damage, and necessary rebuilding.  i am speaking in particular of the flooding in Nashville and it’s surrounding areas. most residences don’t have flood insurance and will soon become overwhelmed by the loss and burden of recovery. at the current time, i am not serving or attending a local church.  it would be quite difficult and bizarre to go down to local church offices and ask them to do something to help those that are displaced and in need of assistance.

but what i can do is give finances and blog (i get a few hundred readers weekly & perhaps we can be of some influence).

here are my thoughts:

question your church.

are they planning on helping? are they organizing to gather finances, supplies, or even perhaps a team that can go and assist in the clean-up and/or rebuilding?

question your leaders.

let them know that you feel this is something your church should do.  make it known that you desire to help and would love to do this with your church family.  share your heart on how the need has motivated you to want to unite and do something significant.

here’s the deal… people are still mobilizing, rebuilding, & recouping in places like New Orleans, Haiti, & Chile. but we’ve moved on with our business as usual.  it makes one ask, “whatever happened to the Church of the “assist”?  does it still exist?”

what is your church doing to assist these efforts?

if you don’t know, i am just challenging you to ask.

Here are ways you can help without your Church:

  • Text ’REDCROSS’ to 90999 to donate $10 to disaster relief — or visit to donate.
  • Check out the Nashvillest blog, with a section called “So Nashville Is Flooded…How Can I Help?”
  • Hands on Nashville has a number of volunteer efforts going on in Nashville and Williamson County.  Please visit their website for more information.
  • Also keep up to date with what one of the churches in Nashville is doing:

    I never worry about action, but only about inaction.

    Winston Churchill

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      • BernaLee
      • May 5th, 2010

      good words and “assist” to those who attend, give and are part of a “family” – who want to be of service to this cause. just a caution to your readers…i don’t have to wait for my mother and father to help me to give… i can give all by myself. it’s nice to be a part of a larger picture, but the widow in the bible was one seemingly insignificant lady who sustained the prophet for greatness… just do something!

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