Neither out of tune or out of place

I am usually a front foot singer. Its how I was taught. But for this moment I am stepping back…resting the weight on the back foot. I am taking the time to hear the options. I am interested in the interval that is not obvious. I am tuning in and waiting for a subtle difference. Perhaps it may not be the strongest blend, but strongest is not what I am in search of. Faintest has my attention. I sang loud, I sang strong, I sang without reservation. I can do as they ask…almost always satisfying what is required of me.
Before I arrived, I was on a search for a particular sound. I was diligent with the data gathered and the mysteries that were revealed. I heard differently. I saw differently. I walked differently. In Harmony, with what was driving me, yet not a smooth blend with the parts the others had chosen.
And now I remember. Now I long to return. To a place of Harmony, yet not blended in. Neither out of tune nor out of place, just different.

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