Protestant Pain in the Ass

I am a Protestant and I am a pain in the ass. I have spent long hours, as of late, trying to reform my tactics and techniques in order to not cause so much “pain”, but have finally determined that it is in my blood, my DNA. I ask the questions they don’t want asked and I bang on the doors that they’d rather keep shut. Where does this audacity come from? Where do I get the nerve?

I admit that there is a satisfaction that comes after speaking up and a relief that comes in hope for a moment of consideration. After all, an answer to the question is a big request, but a moment to consider or reflect by all parties involved may just bring caution and a sober perspective. I know that many fear their leaders and others hold the law to such a reverence that they would never question it, but the law deserves to be protested when it is unjust and authorities will be questioned when they forget their role.

A lot has transpired as of late and these events have forced me to take a deep evaluation of who I am and what role I should be playing. My policy in working with the local church has been to live “stringless”. This enables me to be silent or to speak as I feel prompted and compelled without being overly concerned with the consequences. It is important for the local church to know that this is not my ministry, this is their ministry and I am just assisting them with it. In essence, nothing can be taken from me if it is not mine to begin with. So I was hesitating. I needed to make sure that this is really the stance that I was made to take or perhaps more truly, that I wanted to take.

So, to sum it up for those who can’t read more than 3 paragraphs without totally losing focus… I am reaffirming my role as a Daughter, Sister, Friend, Protestant Pain in the Ass;-)

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