He is.

I don’t do it because you are watching. I don’t smile because I am aware that they see me. I don’t continue because of some sort of prize. I am not even here because of what here offers. Believe me. Don’t believe me. It doesn’t make it any less true.

He is all I have.

I don’t give because they told me to. I don’t serve because it shows my loyalty. I don’t keep quiet because I have nothing to say. I don’t feel Him just because you say He’s there. I don’t agree just because they make a strong case. A strong case doesn’t make it true.

He is my portion.

But I am tired.  Much of this life tires me. Where is righteousness? Where is the conscientiousness? I wanted to give up. You have no idea. But He spoke and He brought peace, direction and inspiration. He gave me the courage to continue. So I’ll walk it out. Watch if you want or ignore it.

He is all I want.

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