i am leaning into Him to find courage.   not courage of my own, but His courage.

i am moving into costly territory.  i am proceeding with caution, now i have need of courage.

there’s is much to be done, much to be said, much to be pushed past, much to be expected

double mindedness has paralyzed the Church.  we are unsure of how to move within our internal conflict.

we lack an understanding of portion.  we covet, we clamor, we strive & we hoard… we continue in a direction leading us further and further from His grace.

we preach a secularized gospel, an ineffective and confusing creed that demonstrates once again our lack of communion with Jesus… our lack of dependence on His lived out and stated truth.

i am leaning into Him to find courage. not courage of my own, but His courage.

i have set my feet on the path that leads to a destination undisclosed, but a guaranteed arrival none the less.

it matters.  you matter.  they matter.  i matter.

filled with grace, i find myself in a tricky place.  open, yet strategic.  a part of the whole, yet a part of another.

do i have to say it?  you already feel it.  there is knowing within all of us that says this isn’t what He intended.

Give us Your courage.

“give according to your means, receive according to your need.” *

“the collection is for the needs, not the created expense.”*

“i am in a room full of hypocrites, and there is not one here who is innocent.”*

from one hypocrite to another… We need courage.

* Julia Kate Swodeck

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