The start of something good… the continuation of something right.

  • Be a Volunteer. Volunteer for community based outreaches within your church, or within your city/county. Volunteerism has proven to be more effective than any other means of “assistance”.
  • Be Green. It is our responsibility as Christians who have “dominion” to care for and nurture the land in which we dwell and the land we will leave to future generations. Simple changes such as buying less or requiring less disposable items (Ziploc bags, Ziploc containers, paper towels, napkins, paper plates/cups, plastic utensils, bottled water, plastic/paper grocery bags, needless receipts, etc.) Reusing is better than recycling since recycling takes much energy resource and will soon be revamped completely because of the toxins it can release into the atmosphere.
  • Be Conscientious. Learn about Fair trade and make the effort to follow your conscience. Fair trade products are just a small percentage more in cost than items lacking accountability, but every penny not spent on those non-fair trade items makes a dent in their ability to do business without a conscience. Products to look for are: Coffee, Tea, Sugar, anything made with Cotton. See this website for more details: Also learn about how the products you purchase are made. Have some of our favourite designers turned a blind eye on human slavery, harmful child labor, “sweat shops”, etc. in order to make the cheapest product possible for the highest profit possible. See this site for more details:
  • Be Ethical. Pay your taxes, offer medical care for your employees, don’t spend what you don’t have, and live a life of integrity.
  • Be Generous. Epidemics such as Poverty, Homelessness, Teenage Pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, Human Trafficking, Human Slavery, Drug Dependency, Domestic Abuse, Political & Religious Persecution… the list goes on, these can all be penetrated by Generosity. Generosity of finances, time, energy & efforts, and even generosity of words.
  • Be Vocal. “How will they know if they haven’t heard?” Who we are is reflected in our speech, our conversation, & our thinking. Spread these ideas and be vocal about who you are and what you have learned.

Epic SoJu

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