Why I voted for Obama.

i took my time in listening, researching and asking the questions as they came and this weekend i chose.

Oprah was a turn off.  Celebrity in general was the source for ultimate unattractiveness.  Popularity even seemed to push me to the other side.  But it all came down to what do i really believe about the condition of this country and where do my most valuable values lie.  i am not a capitalist.  i am not a vowed patriot.  i am not an american elitist.  i am not what i am supposed to be in most people’s eyes.  i am not public with my core beliefs, but these beliefs are written out clearly within the gospels.  these beliefs are not perpetual within the creed of my religion or the mission statement of my church…these beliefs are spoken from the mouth of the Christ and through the record of His actions.

Obama identifies more with my beliefs than not.  i have read the reports and heard the critics.  i have seen the videos concerning late term abortions and his ties to terrorists.  i was glued to the tv when news was breaking about Rev. Wright.  i am aware.  i chose him none the less.

and the rest remains private until it’s due time.

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