to the secretary of Christ

I don’t feel rebellious.  I don’t feel uneasy about the course I am on.  I just don’t agree with you.

I don’t believe that 10% is what He meant.  I think you hang on to it out of your need for checks and balances.

I don’t believe in loyalty to the institution.  I think you require it out of insecurity.

I don’t believe in the priority of the ‘Service’ itself.  I think you push it because of your need to control.

I don’t believe in competing with the world.  I think you do it because you lack identity.

I don’t believe in being ‘cutting edge’ and modernizing.  I think the truth never needs adaptation, just clarification.

I don’t believe in puffed up salaries that are funded by people’s sacrifice.  I think you are taking advantage.

i am bothered by your show when there is no sign of righteous living.

i am bothered when your song leaders are passed off as worship leaders.

i am bothered by sermons that are doctrinally incorrect.

i am bothered by the fact that many hearers wouldn’t even know what is correct and what isn’t.

i am bothered by the needs that go unmet because they aren’t a part of the institution’s focus.

i am bothered by the fact that ambition goes unrecognized and is often misrepresented as passion.

i have hope that we can do better.

i have hope that we will discover who we are in this world and to our God.

i have hope that we will grow in utilization of all we have been given.

i have hope that we will speak truth and walk out justice.

i have hope that we will one day give up our ideas and our control of the institution and allow ourselves to become the Church, a Bride and no longer a secretary…i have hope.

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    • Joshua Swodeck
    • August 11th, 2008

    i have hope as well.

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