Christ follower

Because I could care less, but I choose to care more.

Because I could ignore you, but choose to look you in the eye.

Because I am incapable of much else, but doing what He’s asked.

Because my daddy is way cooler than yours and you know it.

Because super powers are not to be fooled with, but are enjoyed.

Because I am string free and yet completely committed.

Because I have hope in bigger things than fools.

Because I am often the fool in the most unassuming scenario.

Because my confession isn’t prosperity, its deliverence.

Because limits are for the nervous and I am feeling adventurous.

Because she is lost and somehow she lets me guide her.

Because he is stubborn and for some reason allows me to influence.

Because they are bored and blinded and I love them more than they know.

Because its the only way to live…its the only way to be.

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