Scarlett and Tom, from milk to meat.

So Scarlett Johansson has a Cd out covering some of the innovative songs of Tom Waits.  This project had my attention from the get go.  I must be honest, it has taken me much study and long hours to build my knowledge of music history and to add on top of that, the pull to stay up to date on what’s happening in both the “secular” and worship world of music…I still feel so ignorant.  So I am appreciative when someone takes it upon themselves to reintroduce a legendary, but possibly non-mainstream artist to this generation.

I feel as though I should’ve known him.  Now as I think back, I do know his face and some of his work, but not like I should.  He was born in Pomona, California.  That’s my sister city, like a sister that is selling herself on the streets but can paint a mean portrait of goth teens getting into a rumble with mexican gangs.  Like that kind of sister.  But it all makes sense.  Tom Waits was a writer whose work reflected the world he knew, the world he saw.  Scarlett is a fan and a bit of an artist in her own right. 

I have always had a sort of girl crush on Scarlett.  The ruby lips, the careless stares, the flat shoes and the deep voice that sometimes squeaks…she’s pretty cool for a chick.  Do I need to state here that I love men?  Guess I thought I did.  Anyway, her endorsement caused me to listen.  I did and I liked, enough so to actually purchase the Cd for $9.99 at Target.  I also left with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia & the Flight of the Conchords on Dvd, but that’s beside the point.  So now its got me in this artsy fartsy mood and I needed to write. 

I got a new nanny job, which means a new family, a new home and 2-3 new little people to love and nurture.  I swear that I have one of the weirdest jobs in the universe.  But it pays well and somehow it makes sense to me.  I have been anticipating my next overseas trip, this time to London and Paris for 13 days.  i won’t see the airport until October the 7th.  I love airports!  I love flying!  I itch to fly and just go at least every 3 months like some sort of fiend.  i have nothing to say really.  Kind of tired of talking about how goofy the religiously institutionalized are and not feeling up to tackling subjects like cultural submission within the church.  I’ve been reading a book that i really enjoy, but even that I had to put aside for a bit.  It gets me a bit intense and the peeps get a bit bothered.  I don’t ever want to get to the point where I sound like a church brat that is somehow schooled on an even better truth.  I love the church.  I just think we could do better, a lot better.  I could do better.  WE all could do better.  Truth exists within the church.  Truth was its foundation.  But absolute truth has taken second place to relative truth and that is obvious to many, definitely not just me.  I know who I am.  I know my role.  I just get tired sometimes, that’s all. 

Poodles ain’t pretty.  They’re like the cookie cutter contestants in a bogus pageant.  Pageant looks like pagan…weird.  Anywho, my dog is adorable.  He’s bald and grey currently to keep cool in the summer.  Awe Armstrong is such a stud.  Its not the poodle’s fault that they have lost their uniqueness.  It was the handlers that overexposed them and went too far…the whole dying the hair pink ordeal was a bit strange if you ask me.  Funny how the poodles on TV have pink and purple hair, both the human poodles and the canine ones.  I am not a poodle.  It reminds me of high school.  I was an honor student with straight A’s and tons of community service hours without even committing a crime first.  I remember one teacher in particular that would ask me to grade papers after school and would have me stay after class to coerce me into snitching on one of the “bad” kids.  I didn’t budge.  I wasn’t going to snitch and for doggone sure wasn’t going to grade papers that she gets paid good money to grade.  I was out of that dream draining place the minute the bell rang.  I refused to be the “pet”.  And though I was a bit of a jerk back then and do not endorse some of my adolescent responses to some such requests, it did set a pattern that I believe has kept me protected from being paraded.  I did join the parade for a season and upon my exit, I believe I then developed lactose intolerance.  Save the milk for the baby cows!  Let the new Christians develop from their mother’s milk and the grown ones put aside milk and take on a stronger drink and tougher meat.  I know, gross, but preaches. 

So this could be like 3 or 4 blogs.  I have felt the nudge to sprint off with a few ideas contained within this draft, but it will have to wait.  I must retire.  Tomorrow is a day with my family.  Cleaning the house for my mom in the morning and then off to lunch and a movie and just hanging out with the niece and the parents.  Nice.

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