Working it out

04 Nov 2006



I wanna lay it out for you no matter the consequence…tonight I felt like crap.  Seriously, I searched and searched and couldn’t see clearly…no matter how hard I tried the picture of me was crap.  Its amazing to me how a few words and a lifetime of self-doubt could combine to have such a caustic effect.  I wanted to roll up in a ball.  I wanted to dive in a sea of mud and make it legit.  I felt used and unpretty.  I felt spiritual, but undesirable.  I didn’t feel like being anyone’s hero…I wanna be the token, the treasure, the posh Louis purse. 

But these feelings don’t last long.  There will come morning and with it the sun and the sun brings truth…spoken in the wind.  I want to be me, no matter the sacrifice involved.  No matter the pain it causes…no matter the process required.

I need grace and tons of mercy.  I need to be rescued from these thoughts and these burdens.  I need only one thing, though I seem to seek many.  I need Him…He arrived and now we will work it out.

Julia Kate


Currently listening :
By Jurassic 5
Release date: 25 July, 2006
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