Who am I?

11 Apr 06 Tuesday


I am loving this song…once again taking things so differently, but that’s my liberty.  I am reminded of Job.  I am reminded of me.  Putting pressure on God to perform, to show up, to do what I expected…but who am I that I should question Him?  He has blown me away time after time.  Enough times to know that my hope is well invested and safe in Him.  Though I am unsure of what He has perpared for me, I can be confident that it is all intentioned for my good, my prosperity and the fortification of His kingdom.  Some may find me wise, quite knowledgable, but I don’t know anything at all…except that He is God and I am not.  And this very truth is the strength of my life…So I shift again…I search for Him, and when I find Him…I wait.  And I wait. 
On to dream…
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Music: Hope —Who am I to say?

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