What are we waiting for?

If such a thing is possible, I am feeling a bit too strong today.  Well actually, it doesn’t matter if its possible or not…it is what it is.  I am feeling the warrior in me rising up today.  Last night in my sleep I swore my blood for the cause revealed to me.  Too many are blinded…too many are imprisoned…too many remain unreached.  Perhaps we need to more creative, but I am tending to think that we need to be more intuitive.  Even better, I could stand to be a bit freakier in my practice of spiritual giftings and understanding.  If we understood how much these lives we live are worth, we would perhaps understand what a difference each of us could make in this great big world.  Orphans of the AIDS epidemic in Africa…what are we waiting for?  Chics on the street with little to no food to eat selling their bodies for the price of new Cd…what are we waiting for?  15 year olds sitting in their rooms contemplating whether or not they should end it all today…what are we waiting for?  The brother in the cushy seat next to you at church desperately seeking truth and healing from a life he is too ashamed to speak of…what are we waiting for?  Silent indifference…too common amongst the brotherhood.  Can we no longer hear their cries?  So much energy within each of us…how are we spending it?  How are we choosing our battles?…according to conscience or desire?  “Love teach us the way to overcome hate and weapons of war”.

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