15 Feb 06 Wednesday



How did He end up making me like this.  I don’t remember ever having a miserable Valentine’s day and today was another for the pretty darn good days on record.  I guess its the revelation on portion that was instilled early on.  I have love and lots of it.  My portion is quite generous I think.  I am not looking for anything, though sparkly things catch my eye from time to time.  Since I have been in the States, I have noticed some sparkly things and I love the process of inspection and then admiration at God’s handiwork, but then I must depart.  There’s is a beautiful freedom in the knowledge that I must leave.  And also a deep hope in the knowledge that He leads me to greener pastures everytime…with even more sparkle.  Here is my ode to all that sparkles here…You are beautiful.  Thank you for allowing me to take the time to discover uncharted territories.  I find you interesting.  My final examination concludes you are amazing.  Keep shining and possibly I can see your reflection from where I venture off to. 

So this is my Valentine’s message…you are all extraordinary with plenty of flair…EXTRAORDINARY MACHINES.


Currently listening :
Extraordinary Machine
By Fiona Apple
Release date: 04 October, 2005
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