“These eyes have seen the most beautiful dream”.

07 May 2006

Could I borrow your thoughts for a moment?  I just want to share a bit about my love.  Have I mentioned before how very brilliant he is?  The kindness in his eyes, the posture of his mind, the beauty in his words, the strength within his form, so much to behold.  You dont know him.  Heck, I dont even know him.  But tonight I felt like writing about him.  His hands are golden, but never cold.  They are melting…like a fondue treat just for me.  His teeth are like a picket fence, every little girls dream.  They support the lips that form the smile that first drew me in.  He shares his ideas and I feel secure in the company of such a wise man.  He lives a life of faith and sacrifice.  If I were permitted, I would fall hard for him.  I would find the faith to believe for such a beautiful gift and sacrifice whatever was required for his love.  But I remain here, in my appropriate placement for this season.  I push my faith towards the hope that one day I will have a love like this.  Not just a love of my own, but a love that would bring glory to the gift-giver, a love that would remind the whole world of His goodness.  Until then, I will live out my story and continue to speak it as it is revealed each day and every night.

Inspired by:  Seabreeze by Tyrone Wells 

Currently listening :
By Tyrone Wells
Release date: 2003
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