These Crosses

19 Apr 2006

Weezing up a hill carrying my load.  The man says good evening…I’m too tired to kiss him tonight.  “Til tomorrow” and I continue.  I know where I’m going, but some days its seems like the load is heavier…this makes the road seem longer.  The road hasn’t changed, but I have.  I am tired, very tired.  My heart is heavier than this pack on my back.  Scientifically impossible, yet somehow its true.  These words follow me…they flew from a heart aimed straight for me.  How will I dodge them…I am tired.  Crosses come in all different ways, this one doesn’t promise a resurrection.  I walked in the door and put it down.  I no longer need to carry it…I can sleep relieved.  Tomorrow I will find a new load to carry, one that allows for kisses and sprints…His burden is easy, His yoke is light.
Music: Crosses by Jose Gonzalez

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