The thing that is remembered and admired.

07 Jun 2006

The thing that is remembered and admired.


Matthew 26:6-13

When Jesus was at Bethany, a guest of Simon the Leper, a woman came up to him as he was eating dinner and anointed him with a bottle of very expensive perfume.  When the disciples saw what was happening, they were furious. “That’s criminal!  This could have been sold for a lot and the money handed out to the poor.”  When Jesus realized what was going on, he intervened. “Why are you giving this woman a hard time? She has just done something wonderfully significant for me.  You will have the poor with you every day for the rest of your lives, but not me.  When she poured this perfume on my body, what she really did was anoint me for burial.  You can be sure that wherever in the whole world the Message is preached, what she has just done is going to be remembered and admired.”

Tonight I spoke with my mom.  Change is coming my way and I am dealing accordingly, but there is a lingering burden within me.  How can I not serve when there is a need?  “I live in Ethiopia”, I said.  “How can I move on when there is still great hunger and much need?”  She answered, perfectly in line with her reputation…”the poor you will have with you always Julia”.

God felt it necessary to note that to Him, obediance is better than sacrifice.  No matter what I see, no matter the pull, regardless of the burden…my responsibility is to obey.  This woman in the story poured out her best for one occasion…one occasion that Jesus said would forever be remembered and admired.  The disciples thought her gift should be rationed or sold.  She had in her possession something so valuable that certainly she could fill many needs with its proceeds. 

The others may have given her a hard time, but she used her gift as it was intended.  If I were permitted I would divide my gift amongst the needy and never leave this desolate land, but I am hearing something very different.  I am a bit nervous about it.  I am even hesitant to type it here.  Not many read it anyway and for those that do…perhaps you too are being assigned something apart from the common opinion.  Remember the words of Jesus, “she (insert your name here) has done something wonderfully significant for me”.  That’s brilliant…beautiful and so extremely affirming.

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