The God-taught Freak

13 Apr 06 Thursday


Would I frighten you if I said that I was God-taught?  Would you even really know the depth that is covered in a statement like that?  Would you believe me if I said, I don’t know why I know what I know…I just do?  I know how to use it, but I am just unsure of why it was entrusted to me.  Each day I am growing more and more comfortable with the idea that I am a freak of sorts.  Not that I am better or more useful, just strangely different.  Because of this understanding, I have become more and more accepting of my journey and my placement.  I am beginning to see myself through different eyes.  I love deeply.  I can’t help it, I just do.  I work hard because I love the One I am working for.  I get Him.  I know Him well.  Does it scare you when I say that?  I was steered in this direction from an early age.  Not only was I told stories of His character, but I was guided into His presence to meet Him…one on one.  This is what He has taught me to do, to guide others into His presence to meet with Him intimately.  Maybe as of late, it hasn’t happened from a stage or through a song, but I am finding that it hasn’t always happened that way in the past either.  He has made Himself known to me so that I would be free to reveal Him to others.  He is in everything around me, but sometimes its difficult to see.  He must be revealed.  He longs to reveal Himself.  Maybe this is another evidence that we are created in His image, His likeness.  I find the same lingering need within myself.  So to Him and for Him…I reveal what was once kept safe in hiding. 
Julia Kate
Book:  The Barbarian Way by Erwin McManus

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