The freedom to shake it…

10 Jul 2006

Do you ever have this overwhelming need to shake your tail feather?  I’ve been getting these graceful urges since I was a wee little lassie.  So tonight I cooked up some din-din, put on some music and proceeded to get my groove on and out and hopefully saved myself the agony of another train ride as a dancetipated individual.  In a few weeks we’ll have a DJ’d party at church, but who knows what sort of allowances will be made.

I’m becoming more and more comfortable with my “wild” ways.  So I love to banter with the best of them and I get a high from being in the company of others who can contend.  I never turn down a chance to dance to Rob Base’s “It takes 2” or to show off my Ole Skool rappin skills if requested.  I rarely pass a mirror without a “How you doin?” to myself and I have a secret ambition to be a lounge singer (either that or be a member of a black female soul group from the 70’s…Patti LaBelle and I would make beautiful duets…like Anna Nicole and Kanye, HAH!).  Quite honestly, let the record show that I’d rather have a mic stand than not, because that’s rock-n-roll baby…all this, I am not ashamed to say.  I dress like a normal chic, but there’s a lot of flashy senorita in me.  I like red nail polish and gold mesh wallets.  I like the look of  3 gold chains at once, and tons of eye make-up…it is what it is.

But I am also “wildly” in-love with my God.  I hear people out here say “I just don’t know how to bring up the subject of God with non-believers”.  I mean I hear it all the time.  Some people ask how I bring it up.  I ask people if they practice a religion…it’s usually like question #5 or 6 on my “getting to know you” procedure.  It’s the whole, “so where are you from?” “What do you miss the most about your home?”  “Do you have a big family?”  “What do hope to do with your life? (what are you shooting for?)” “Do you feel like there are certain things within you that you would have to utilize in your job or some other outlet in order to feel fulfilled in life?”  and then bammmm!  “Do you practice a religion?”  “Oh, your parents are Shinto, but you are unsure…tell me a bit about the fundamentals of the Shinto way.  What are the areas of teaching that you seem to have the most difficulty adopting?”…bammm again.

It’s just not that complicated.  We aren’t selling just a religion, we’re offering freedom.  This very idea brings so much confidence.  You speak a bit and listen even more and then the Holy Spirit does his thing.  When you meet someone and feel a bit attracted, should you say “we need to talk…I think I could love you, but first thing’s first.  There will be no cheating, no disrespect, no fighting, no kissing after you’ve eaten Indian or Chinese food, and I can’t stand straight leg pants…so you need to buy a different cut from now on.”  No, that’s silly.  There is a time of courting and in a love relationship you learn what hurts the bond and what makes it stronger.  When we speak to people, as followers of Christ, we should genuinely care about them.  I don’t even think along the lines of “when will I bring God up?”  I want to hear them first…that’s my focus.   What are their questions?  What is in their heart? And from there the “strategy” flows smoothly.

Upon first arriving here I found myself so frustrated because I wasn’t able to  express myself in the french language.  How was anyone going to be able to get to know me?  It would take so long.  But when I finally learned enough of the language to communicate comfortably I saw things much differently.  Now I was finally able to get others to talk, to open up, to blossom before my very eyes.  It was and still remains amazing to me.

So since I’ve been here I have not only embraced my cute wildness, but also, I have found beautiful confidence in what we are truly offering the world…freedom.  I am becoming more and more free everyday and that’s all the more reason to shake my tail feather in celebration.

P.S. there is a man shouting down the street…very nasty things about women…obviously just broke up with his girlfriend.  He is pounding on the metal shudders of their apartment and jumping on a car (hopefully its his).  This has been going on for like 15 minutes, thank God I don’t have to wake up early tomorrow (mind you its 2:30am).  I will not go out there and ask him what religion he practices, nor will I fear his hot temper.  Just thought I’d paint you a picture of my moment.

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    • Jennifer Sarinana
    • April 23rd, 2010

    In the words of George Michael “FREEDOOOOOOOM!!!” 😉 Good stuff.

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