05 Oct 2007

Category: Life


If I had not senses perhaps I would not know what it is to be present.

If I could not touch you and feel your touch how would I know your warmth?

If I could not hear even your faintest whisper how would I know of your thoughts?

If I could not see your reaction to my movement how would I know if I pleased you?

If I could not take in your full scent how would I be able to understand your history?

And if I could not taste your fruit how would I know the depths of who you are?


I sense a situation brewing.  I seem to be moving into unmarked territory.

I perceive a hesitation of delivery.  I believe I have delayed my own arrival.

But beyond these senses lie the element of surprise…I am awaited.


Currently listening :
The Cake Sale
By Various Artists
Release date: 16 October, 2007
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