One wiseman…perhaps someday a King

07 Oct 2006



Honestly, I have lost the desire to care.  I remain soft though the temptation is to hire a contractor and build a wall.  I can enjoy you from here in smaller portions perhaps.  I think I can watch you do crazy things without intervening physically.  I think I can stand on the side lines with the rest of the crowd and watch it all get played out.  My hope is that there will be no losers and only lessons learned.  My effort is to see it all so differently…to see you differently. 

Your choices remind me of my own vulnerabilities and I am humbled at the knowledge of my own tendencies.  Just because I’d choose differently doesn’t mean I’ve always chosen rightly.  So present your gift like a wiseman following a star and obtain the approval of whomever may enable you to hold what it is that you seek.  Perhaps you can not know it until you’ve held it.  It feels like I know it well from here, but you are looking for the warmth of it.  Go ahead. 

You leave a little trail behind of scattered thoughts and misplaced flatteries.  You’re eyes speak confusion but your feet proceed boldly.  Walk on ahead. 

I could imagine better than this and hold the hope that better than this is around the corner.  Even you could be better than this.  One thing is for sure…He has made me better than this.

So I may feel it from time to time deep in my gut, but its you and you tend to have that effect.  Its a “bit-challenging”, but life is loving and loving is learning and I wouldn’t want to live it out any other way.


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By John Mayer
Release date: 12 September, 2006
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