On the subject of gravity…

21 Oct 2006



John Mayer’s been singing about it intensely for a few days now in my bathroom…yesterday it hit me.  The struggle never ends.  It may let up, but it never ends.  The rules and the processes push and pull at you from all directions and sometimes we have to stand, while at other times the most reasonable place is on our knees.  I am currently on my knees. 

I was pushed here by a knock at the door.  A moment from my shady past showed up in my brilliant present.  And though this predicament promises only a healthier future, I sense the fear from the process that it may require.

Perhaps gravity is a gift.  Perhaps the lower position is the safest position.  I don’t need to fly today.  I have been lavished with talents, beauty, kindness, generosity, wisdom, intellect, and unreasonable favor…but I find that my place is down here…at least for now.  Can I remain confident and not tortured while in such a humbling posture?  Will the antagonist overpower the voice of Truth? 

This isn’t an act.  I am not performing for an audience of the world that surrounds me.  I’ve been walking this life out in sincerity since I discovered how extremely pitiful I am without Him by my side.  You like me because of Him.  You have allowed me to influence you because of Him.  He gets me through closed doors.  He is the radiance you are attracted to.  I am but a soft shell, pale and boring without Him.  Forever I am grateful for His attention and His amazing care.

With the love, the applause, the appreciation, and the excitement that seems to surround…this is my only plea….Keep me where the light is.  These are beautiful gifts, but the light is where I find my life.  And if I didn’t know God, I guarantee you…you wouldn’t want to know me. 

So we’re in this for good.  Season after season He speaks and I move.  I hear it as clear as ever, “Consecrate yourself, for tomorrow  the Lord will do amazing things amongst you”…Joshua 3:5 

“I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed.  But if it dies, it produces many seeds.” (Jesus in John 12:24) 


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By John Mayer
Release date: 12 September, 2006
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