mr Peanuts’ got gas=)

16 May 2007

mr Peanuts’ got gas=)
Warning: may contain numerous typos!

Mr. Peanuts’ got gas and its smelling up this whole room…thats saying a lot since this room is bigger than most.  Mr. peanuts is the labradoodle of the boys I nanny for.  He eats birds and bottle caps and has the foulest gas.  You should meet him.  He likes me and follows me everywhere I go…even waits for me outside the restroom;)  Probably because I am the only one that remembers to feed him or to give him treats.  He loves dried pig ears…potentially the cause of the gas.
Anywho…just thought I’d share=)

BTW, tomorrow the pool guys come and so do the theater guys.  We are building a theater downstairs.  Since the day I began this job they have been working on the downstairs…preparing 3 large bedrooms (one for me!), 4 bathrooms, a large game room, exercise room, bar/snack area and a theater.  Its all finally carpeted down there, painted and the moldings are in…just waiting for the theater screen, sound equipment and reclining chairs…this is kind of exciting.  Hey!  I just realized that this house now has 8 bathrooms!!!  Talk about excess.  Thats good though because the boys seem to really love spending time in the restroom;)  Anything to avoid doing homework or taking out the trash.  
I got a new rental car today…its a Chevy Cobalt.  I had never heard of it, but requested a more fuel efficient car.  This gets at least 30 mpg!  Sounds good to me.  Conner (friend of the boys I watch) said that Chevy’s are weak.  All American cars are according to him.  You know what else is weak…building a mini-mall next to the Catholic church that he occasionally attends.  He gets all worked up about how disrespectful that is.  But he loves Stalin, or should I say respects him..”he was a great leader”.  Teenagers are weird=)  Conner is studying the Cold War and Nate is studying World War 2…this has provoked some interesting conversation….OOOH MR. PEANUTS!!!!  Seriously!!! (yes, more gas).  Conner spends a lot of time debating with his fellow busboy friends at work and then he tells me about all the brainwashed idiots in the world that have no idea whats what.  He’s saving for a scion…not the boxy ones, those are weak!  I think its one like Rich has.  You know Rich, right?  The hip-hop dance teacher/photographer of OC mansions=)  Anyway, we are in a competition to see who can save the most money for a car the quickest.  Every week he questions me, “Jew, how much you got Jew?”  “Jew, I’ve got over $1,000 Jew.  I’m gonna go to Johnson and Wales…can I make the sauce tonight Jew?”  Kids=)
Ryan is the youngest and he is super smart, but a grouch 24/7…well almost.  I buy him mini-chocolate donuts and offer him wendy’s occasionally to get him to smile.  We listen to Dr. Laura together everyday.  It used to be a punishment and then one day it clicked…he realized how hilarious that show is.  People are ridiculous sometimes.  We snicker and talk back to Dr. Laura and he dares me to pass the cars we can “take”  on the canyon road as the a/c is always set significantly higher than needed.  Its just our thing=)
Nate likes spontanaity. No, he loves it.  “Jew, lets go to Juice it up!”  “Jew, take me to Diamond Bar…no questions Jew, just come on…please!”  “Jew, lets go to best buy (fill in any random place that sells video games…they all apply)”.  Nate drives on his own, but loves company.  He has a brand spankin new Ford Mustang GT (dark gray w/blue racing stripes)…the chicks dig it!  But he just wants to hang with Jew…so precious.  Well actually it goes deeper than that…I am what is consistant to him.  I don’t take that lightly. 
Even though I enjoy the huge plasma, the abundant pantry, the bathroom options around every corner and the newly constructed movie theater…the reason I am here is for that very thing..consistancy. I love these kids and they know it.  Today Conner was explaining the pros and cons of myself the Manny of yesteryear.  That dude was cool, but he started flaking, smoking too much, showing up late and sleeping all the time.  He said, “Jew, you’re cool.  You always take us places and you’re cool to hang out with.  I think Scott (my boss) likes you because you’re more like a mom and you’re moral and stuff.  Well you’re like a mom, but you’re cool to hang out with.”  Nuff said.
I am grateful for my time here.  I often mention this job as part of my testimony for how God provided a goodpaying job that was flexible and allowed me to do ministry, but this job has also become a ministry for me.  Picture this…I nurture these kids, but yet have no say on how they choose for themselves spiritually.  They are lost and not really even in search mode.  They are very aware that I don’t cuss and I don’t sleep around and as boring as all that sounds I seem to have managed to make a few friends…I promise, its what they think=)  They also know that I don’t mind them calling me Jew since my best friend Jesus is a Jew and that I carry around this folder titled TheVine daily.  I pray daily that it effect them, influence them and cause them to wonder about what they do not understand or know. 
Okay, I’m off to bed.  Then I will rise early to wake the little zombies and make sure the lunch money is on the counter and they have all their books and papers with them…oh and cell phones too…don’t forget the cell phones=)

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