Movement Required

11 Sep 2007

Current mood: awake
Category: Life

Giving 100% in so many areas…holding back still in quite a few.  I read a book last night and when I finished the question I asked myself was…”why haven’t I written one yet?”  I want to stop a pattern before it gets too close to impossible.  Even now its overwhelming…I should stop now.  The option to begin again fresh, from the start is not an option, not in this case.  I have to confront me where I am.  I excell in so much yet fail time and time again .  I lost the picture, the standard, no not the standard, the hope and the dream.  Yes, the dream.  Not the sort of dream that contains princesses and magic or deep coveting of what is not my portion, but a dream that is me…a completed me.  The dream of what I could become if only I would just go for it.  Portions of that me have come into realization and for that I am grateful…through grace and obedience I have seen beauty within and without.  Its not just about me.  What am I withholding from those that I am and will be responsible for?  My days are numbered, my opportunities far from infinite…its time to move.  Action causes reaction…sweat, tears, fatigue, sacrifice, and potential failure.  But I fail when I don’t move…I’d rather fail going forward than fail never having exhausted every effort. 
I am better off, you are better off…when I move.

Currently listening :
By Colbie Caillat
Release date: 17 July, 2007
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