Momma’s in the Kitchen

11 Nov 2006

Momma’s shaking her thang, getting a handle on the hot pots and stirring up the best smelling creations you’ve sensed in quite some time.  Momma’s sweating, but smiling…slaving away with the best intentions.  She pictures you enjoying, savoring, and digesting.

You walk into a room filled with bustling energy.  You’re amazed by the scene, by the  inspired atmosphere.  We’re all happy to be here.  If you’d planned to check-out early, you’ve forgotten and find yourself lingering til the wee hours.  Cocktail glasses, nostalgic cuisine, personalities meshing and mixing it up…hilarity ensues.

It was her pleasure.  It’s a part of her that she is rarely able to express.  More often than not, she is a creative being searching for useful opportunities to create.  Your presence was essential…all of you.  She would extend the invitation to include the masses, but that requires more resources and a larger venue.

Momma’s tired, but content.  Tonight wasn’t about her, even though the compliments were plentiful.  Tonight was about you…all of you.  Momma’s love and affection demonstrated in yummy form.  She put her foot in it, just for you.

Currently listening :
King of Kings: The Very Best of Tito Puente
By Tito Puente
Release date: 20 August, 2002
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