Make my day

13 Nov 2007

Category: Life

I have no subject matter to make a point…no topic to keep you entertained in conversation. I have no reason to even share except that I feel the need to type.

I get this warmth, this magnetic reaction to the sound of a voice, a rhythm that draws me in. I can feel…I can share…I can go there. Goose bumps, butterflies, tingling toes…I want to go there. Charm, beauty, intellect, compassion and wisdom….reveal it and I am there. Truth be shared, I miss the warmth. Hope deferred, yet my heart is not sick. I feel His warmth, but there is a warmth that He intended to be drawn from another source. Without jealousy He understands. I am not preoccupied, I am just allowing this moment. I have never wanted what she has or what he has but have discreetly desired what He has for me.
That he be warm
That he be kind and tender hearted
That he be passionate
That he be a warrior
That he be wise
That he know truth
That he be protective
That he be a teacher
That he be a student
That he be a mentor
That he be a disciple
That he be creative
That he be himself
That he be aware, very aware
That he be merciful
That he be GENEROUS
That he not be intimidated
That he not be inferior
Make my Day.

What would you add to the list?

    • Dorienne
    • April 21st, 2010

    I have noticed in the 26 years I’ve walked with the Lord that a man who is TRULY passionate for God and His ways will be passionate for his wife.

    • Bernalee
    • April 21st, 2010

    Dorienne Elston said, A man who is truly passionate for God will be passionate for his wife.

    Dorienne – the key is “truly” passionate, cuz some men are driven to perform and end up untrue to their marriage. Works can be deceiving… A passion for God and His Kingdom will follow the guidelines of “good citizenship”, regarding each act done in His name…for the good of the whole! Thx for your post.

    Dorienne Elston said, Berna, I agree! I have seen both men and women in ministry sacrifice their marriage and their children for position and success. Which is why I very specifically included the word “truly” in the post above. I love how you phrased it as “good citizenship”. Yes! To truly follow His ways is to keep things in their divine order. (I’m not pointing fingers but merely relaying my observances. May He be merciful on me for my shortcomings!)

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