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13 Jun 2006


This ain’t gonna be deep…It’s too hot to go there.  As I sit here at the computer with hot hands and trying my darndest to keep skin from touching skin on any area of my body, I am reminded of my childhood.  Miami was sweaty like this.  And its funny, but the only music I can listen to on days like these is soul music or reggae.  India Arie is serenading me currently and Bob Marley will probably be my next invited musical guest.  I’m changing the wardrobe from winter to summer…throwing out some old stuff while I’m at it. 
I am so glad to be living alone today…as I have also opted for Miami apparel;-).  I should show evidence of my sun exposure soon…Thank God!  I have been so stinking pale.  Anyway, this has proved to be an interesting week already.  Yesterday I met for lunch with my missionary mentor and my mission’s supervisor.  I took them up the hill for a walk to avenue I forget (where the artists sit and paint your portraits) and then up to the Sacred Heart Cathedral after.  They advised me on future plans and we had a great time.  But when I got back to my place I was drenched…it was disgusting!  I hopped in the shower and upon finishing drank 3 bottles of water and watched In America. 
Then today I had a brunch/meeting with the leaders at the Bible study where I teach in Paris.  The semester is over and we just needed the time to reflect, bond and say our goodbyes.  Paris is such a transitional city.  Seriously, I must have said goodbye (forever for most) to 5 people just this week alone.  It never stopped me from fully embracing people and I think that’s totally healthy.  Anyway, we had the brunch at a real house in Paris.  You may have no idea how rare that is, but believe me…its a luxury for sure.  I brought bread from the super great boulanger on my street…its famous and rightfully so.  Want to know what kinds I bought?  Fig, mixed  nuts, & olive and tapenade (those are 3 different breads FYI).  They were a hit!  I love being a hit and I’m not ashamed to say it.  We all do right?  Anyway, nothing deep here, I just felt like typing.
I hope your week is going great and that you are making the most of your days.  We never know when the seasons will change on us.  We can predict, but its all just a sense and not a science.  The french were expecting the spring and it never came…we went straight from winter into an early summer.  The tulips are withered and the tourist have began their stampede.  Today I like the tourists.  I am so glad that they are taking the time to see my Paris.  Plus they keep me company on the creepy trains at night. 
Love you….its time for perhaps another shower…urrgggh! 

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