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10 Dec 2007

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2 Corinthians 6:11-13 (Msg)

Dear friends, I can’t tell you how much I long for you to enter this wide open, spacious life.  We didn’t force you in.  The smallness you feel comes from within you.  Your lives aren’t small, but you’re living them in a small way.  I’m speaking as plainly as I can with great affection.  Open your lives.  Live openly and expansively!

I had the opportunity to take it easy this morning…woke up slowly, had a cup of coffee, took an aleve to soothe the weekly Monday morning headache & settled in to watch the tribute I DVRed on Ruth Bell Graham. 

Now Fernando Ortega sings ‘Give me Jesus’ as the tribute closes and I am inspired to truly live the life granted.  Billy Graham calls Ruth the best Christian he’s ever met.  Ruth thought she’d never marry…she had devoted herself to foreign missions and to many at the time that was like joining a convent.  She met a man who had the same drive and heart.  They were a team made in heaven.  It had been said of her that she rarely came across preachy, she just liked to talk.  But after a conversation with her, you were provoked, motivated…somehow changed.

She wrote a poem that spoke of her “address”.  Her home address was with her Father God, her work address was wherever He desired to place her on this earth.  She was here to work and enjoy the fellowship of those she worked alongside.  This is a life lived openly.

How important her thinking was to the success of this partnership.  If she was pulling her husband to fit the standard of this culture and not understanding the “Big” life God was calling them to, perhaps Billy Graham may have had his hands tied and would have shrunk to honor his marriage commitment.  

There are many examples of ministry marriages for us to note, but Billy & Ruth Graham is by far my favourite.  Beth Redman, wife to Matt Redman (author of The Heart of Worship and many other amazing worship songs) spoke of a similar understanding.  She recognized the bitterness that was brewing within her concerning the pull of her husband’s calling.  She had translated this pull as though the ministry was pulling him away from her and their family.  She soon learned that this pull was actually pulling her to be a part of the family’s calling.  She was not seperate from this calling, she was instrumental in it.  She also soon realized that the course of her thinking could’ve ended in forcing her husband to shrink and not push forward to what he was on earth to do.  Now when Daddy’s gone, its not that “Daddy has left us”, its “this is who we are”.  Knowing who you are is always freeing.

T.D. Jakes was talking today about not being able to produce what life demands.  He said something so strong.  “Its like advertising a product that you do not have.  Living on a level that you’re mind is not ready for.  Can you handle the pressure that comes with the ‘blessing’?  To whom much is given, much is required!” What am I talking about…I am talking about partnership.  When you have linked up with someone, the question must be asked…Who am I now?  Who am I in this equation?  What is my role? 

Can greatness match up with mediocre?  Only if mediocre understands that it is just greatness in waiting.  But if mediocre decides that mediocre is its genuine self, then greatness will eventually feel the tug of roped hands and unless a break is made, greatness will begin to figure a way to live out his greatness in a very small way.  So small in fact, that it would take a magnifying glass to even notice you were in the presence of greatness, since at first glance greatness now appears mediocre. 

To be continued…


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