Life on a Stage

06 Apr 2007

Life on a Stage


I thank God for memory, for the aid in being reminded.  My heart was tugged, more like violently arrested, for the cause.  But with time I retrieved it unconsciously.   I watched them, I held them, and I eventually came to know them.  I forgot me, let go of all I thought I wanted, and proceeded to love deeply.  My desires abandoned for the sake of the greater good.  Those desires were ignorant and unsubstantial.  My platform was small but many came near from mere curiosity.  My platform has grown and I sense the hunger, yet see the joy that comes in their disillusionment.  My heart again arrested.

What I have seen, I am responsible for.  What I have heard, I must act on.  What I have learned, I am required to teach.  I want to be loved.  I want to love.  I want to see so much more and experience all that creation has to offer.  But the most important thing is that I complete my mission, the work that the Lord Jesus gave me (Acts 20:24).  If I allow myself to become distracted from the work I must do, I am determined unfit for the Kingdom of God.  I must move and I must speak.

I am encouraged by the truth that in giving love, I have received more than expected.  And by obedience, I have found myself exactly where I need to be.  If I am on a stage, it is just so that they may know Him.  I alone cannot captivate them.  It’s His truth, His desires, and His graciousness that draws them in.  And this is my reasonable service.


We are to live this life out in the open.  As we continue this journey for all to see.  And along the way we notice them, go out to them and engage them.  We leave our homes to be amongst them.  We live in their villages to be close to them.  We listen to their stories to better understand them.  We contour ourselves accessible…so that He may reach them.                                                            Julia Kate



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Release date: 05 April, 2007
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