Lest inertia work against me….

23 Apr 2007

Lest inertia work against me….

Give me a cause and I will fight…relentlessly, whole heartedly, with every part of my being, resourcing every ounce of wisdom and strategy ever bestowed upon me or aquired by me. 
She said I was a fighter.  She wasn’t misunderstood.  That term once carried a picture that I found deeply unflattering.  Something like a brute or a bull.  Something of a passion without reason or sense.  Picture irrational and insensative.  But it has come to mean something very different to me.  It has evolved in my heart to become a thing quite genial, noble and perhaps even colorful.
I have embraced this designation for all that it truly means and all that it can actually obtain.  For in this fight, the battles are certain and the strategies are explicit.   To fight with a strengh so intense, yet appear to be warm and easily accessible was my lesson to be learned.  To be all woman and trained warrior was difficult and daunting.
If I were asked 4 years ago the classic question “if you were stranded on a deserted island inevitably, would you survive?”  I would have responded in complete honesty, No.  When I had reached my limit and found myself suffocated by fear…it was only my Savior that kept me from ending it all.  I had no fight left.  Since then I have learned to live fully and live well.  He fought hard for me.  He reinstated my fight after a life altering plight.  He revealed the cause as He revealed His heart.  He gave me sight and then taught me how to see.  He gave me a strategy and encouraged me into action.  And for the rest of my days I will remain in action, fighting, never giving up…lest inertia work against me.

Currently listening :
Children Running Through
By Patty Griffin
Release date: 06 February, 2007
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