He Spoke

08 Mar 2007

He Spoke


He speaks…I speak.  I want to move out on what he says, but I am afraid to fail.  In some ways I am so strong, while in others my muscle is flimsy and easily exhausted.  I see it all so clearly.  I have to move or I’ll miss it.  I detest the scatterers, yet I am delaying the gathering process also by delaying my arrival.  Here I am.  Whether I fall or fail, I will not back down.  I will fight forward.  This task is timely, for my life is becoming less and less tolerable.  I do earthly good.  I do not deny it.  But “getting by” is no longer just the safe route, but its also the disobedient route.  Grace will be imparted and I will sweat and ache from head to toe…but it will be worth it.  I will move.  I must move.  So much awaits me on the otherside. 


Currently listening :
Nothing Left to Lose
By Mat Kearney
Release date: 18 April, 2006
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