Grown Women

17 Jan 2008

Current mood: accomplished
Category: Life

Inspired by Grown Woman by Mary J. Blige and life in general=)

As I sway down the aisle, eyes meet.  His eyes, her eyes…it don’t matter.  Struttin’ and swaying is reserved for the grown woman.  The days have added sense and the years have increased wisdom…I’m a grown woman.  I won’t chatter like a child or risk gaming with a heart, when speakin’ my mind is the privilege of a grown woman.  I answer yes and no with the same strength, fully aware of what won’t work, still figuring what might…I’m a grown woman.  30 years.  30 years.  30 years!  I’ll shout it.  There’s no shame in this Dame.  I am so lovin’ being a grown woman. 

I ain’t showin’ what need not be shown.  I ain’t sharing what need not be shared.  I ain’t wantin’ what need not be for me.  A grown woman is fully aware of her allure.  She handles her appeal with grace.  The boys are fans, the men are contenders.   

So grown women keep struttin’, lovin’, encouraging…doing the things a grown woman does.  In case you didn’t know…now you do… I’m a Grown Woman! 


Currently listening :
Growing Pains
By Mary J. Blige
Release date: 18 December, 2007
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