Fixed upon the beauty…

09 Mar 06 Thursday

Beholding is becoming…so where are my eyes fixed?  This is why I love music and could spend the rest of my life in this vein.  The power of words…repetative words joined with the power of instrumentation…clever creativity.  This song is speaking so clearly for me.  A few months back I pondered the song by Damien Rice…The Blower’s Daughter.  This is where it led me spiritually…to a remembrance of the need to keep my eyes on Him.  Then on to Everything by Tim Hughes that reminded me to see Him in every part of this life.  Next came Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus and now Captivated by Vicky Beeching.  I am very much into the hope of beauty right now.  I’m so deep in it that I don’t even know how to really explain it anymore.  I am seeing beauty all around me like never before…truthfully I am even seeing beauty within me that I had never discovered.  I have found a kind of strange comfort in the beauty that is His creation.  I have found a comfort in the unbroken gaze…no longer looking away in insecurity.  If beholding is becoming, then I am becoming more beautiful just by keeping my eyes on Him, my beautiful Savior.
Julia Kate

Currently listening :
Yesterday, Today & Forever
By Vicky Beeching
Release date: 10 January, 2006
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