Encore…a visit to Dr. Beat

20 Aug 2006

Encore…a visit to Dr. Beat

Last night was the Hillsong Paris Summer Ball on board a pretty schnazy boat that cruises the Seine.  All sorts of folks showed up looking pretty sharp and smelly tastey.  First things first my dear friends…why do French DJs love Rob Base’s -It takes 2, but yet never have it on hand to turn the party up?  That has been my all-time favorite party song since I was like 12.  Anyway, I met up with Julie at the metro and we made our entrance together, though once I arrived Alex convinced me to be her date…we do take great photos together and she was wearing pants so…Sold!  The boat was rocking so intensely that in order for me to truly get down I had to groove shoeless.  [sorry mom, I know I am not supposed to stand barefoot on cold hard floors with my new foot problem, but when the rhythm gets you the rhythm gets you]  Have I ever mentioned how much I despise house music?…urggh!  Anyway, the french djs love it…blah.  But somehow he included a little ole skool base, the jackson 5 and a smidgbit of disco.  And once again my cover was blown…its not that I like dancing so much as it is that I enjoy performing.  So I tend to dig the songs I can perform (you know act it out, attitude and all).  I met some very interesting people too.  I sacrificed a few moments on the dance floor to mingle and do the whole belle of the ball thing.  Anyway, it was a great night and I am really going to miss my friends at Hillsong Paris.  Not only are they great fun, but they are great people.  I have years of vacations booked up with all the visiting I must do…Indonesia, Singapore, Kenya, Uganda, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Finland, Sweden, England, Scottland, South Africa, Senegal, Costa Rica, Columbia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and of course France.  Maybe I can convince some of my friends stateside to get on a plane with me and see the world…especially since I doubt I can fit all those places into one honeymoon adventure(inside joke, sorry).

Currently listening :
It Takes Two
By Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock
Release date: 25 October, 1990
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