Come daylight…

26 Aug 2006

Come daylight…

Been up all night…eyes wide open.  Wondering what the future holds for you.  You are waiting for the light, anticipating the weight to be lifted., so sure the clouds are clearing.  I have been with many during this time of hope.  I hope that I have brought you a bit of what you needed.  Did my smile resemble the sun?  Did my words remove the chill of this place…did my touch comfort your stiff and aching body? 
  I enjoy you even in your pain…you have a sweetness that is so addictive.  I want to walk away and never forget your taste.  Every word you say, I think I should write down.  With my eyes wide open I have soaked the view of you in…I don’t want to forget come daylight. .  I was happy to be here.  Happy to share this time with you.  No waste, no regrets…just a collection of precious memories to hold tightly.  I anticipate the day when we will rendevous again.
I gave it all up to be with you.  You won me over.  You have a hold on me…you covered me and revealed me simultaniously.  And in my absence, never worry concerning my love for you.  You occupy my mind.  You occupy a beautiful terrain within my heart.  His great love is bigger than I could ever express…I trust you felt it…I trust you saw a glimpse of Him.  I trust He will continue to speak, to reveal Himself…to guide you back to where the grey is lifted and the smiles are genuine and plentiful.
So my love, I leave you here.  I take you with me.  As you slip off to sleep again….dream big.  And the when the light comes awake to your freedom.  Awake to find your longing fulfilled.  Awake to find me here with you.

Dedicated to my France…Je t’aime!

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