Burn Blue

05 Jan 2007

Burn Blue


In her haste- she’d hate to waste- the moment she could almost taste.


In her view- she never knew – the beauty, the truth that awaited her cue.


Punctuality pushed her beyond her procrastination and handed her a second chance.


At first glance this portion seemed to lack sparkle, but its texture was something to regard


Fingers stretched out, almost magnetically forced to feel, to explore the sulfur like surface


It wanted to enter her but stopped short at her pores, her skin too thick to penetrate.


Filling her fingernails and the lines in her hands it moved slowly and disarmingly.


She began to close her eyes and picture it set ablaze.  Would it burn blue as promised?


For now it is tasteless, odorless, yellow and insipid.  Could it become her passion?


Flat substances are often underestimated.  Ignition can make all things exciting.


What could set this substance ablaze; a kiss, a warm hand, a sharp tongue…?


And so it is a journey she will take, a question she will carry and a hope she will protect.


She will burn…bluer than the brightest sky, the laudable sapphire, the deepest ocean.


And her scent will be intoxicating, for some suffocating…none the less she will burn. 


Currently listening :
By Damien Rice
Release date: 14 November, 2006
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