A heart on fire…

16 Jul 2006

A heart on fire…

Martin sings of Fires burning…of fires burned…of the hope and the heart of the Kingdom.  I need to say something.  I need to tell you a bit about the fire within. I feel like an alien again.  I diagnose it “alien syndrome” when I walk around seeing everything so differently.  The other night a new friend of mine was driving me home at an ungodly hour (2:30am) and as we passed through my neighborhood I was shocked…and then moved to tears.  Just a few blocks south of my little flat stood a man dressed as a woman…waiting for someone to choose him.  Another city block down the road hundreds of people were having their physical lusts temporarily satisfied.  It was no surprise to me that I lived so close to the redlight district, but I just hadn’t seen it…just bamm!!!…in my face like that. 
I stepped into my little place and stood in the darkness for a few minutes, just listening to the chatter on the street and replaying the scene I had just witnessed.  Then came the tears.  I sing this song in church…over and over…”everyone needs compassion…forgiveness…the kindness of a saviour…my God is mighty to SAVE…”  I began to sing this song.  I began to let it penetrate my heart in a deeper way.  I began to proclaim it for myself and the beautiful people that I share this village with.  God can move mountains, he can do anything.  He can search out the ones in hiding and bring deliverence.  He is the hope of the nations! 
I want to see freedom make a mighty return to the church of Jesus Christ.  I want justice to be our war cry and hope to be our hymn.  I find it difficult these days to just “go about my business” when I have a deep conviction to go about “his business”. 
Father God,
I give my life to follow you and every word you speak.  I will keep my ears suctioned to the heavens and my eyes open to all that surrounds.  Help me to fear you and only you, for the opinions of man are weightless in the revelation of your plans.  Receive every deed and every fruit that I may bear as an offering…just because of who you are.
Jesus my Christ,
Your sacrifice saved me from all that entangled me and secured me for a life with my God eternally.  You have demonstrated the love of the Father with such brilliance.  You took what once was mysterious and forbidden and made it obtainable.  You are the source of freedom and hope.  You have been so generous to call me friend and I will not neglect that role.
Holy Spirit,
You go with me on every assignment.  You never leave me.  Your instruction and wisdom bring about the fruit which so many have had opportunity to feed on.  Your peace and comfort make it all seem possible.  You are my wise counselor, also my dear friend.  Help me to always be aware of your presence that I may never offend you. 
My God, your grace is sufficient for all that you have asked of me.  Thank you for revealing yourself to me and securing me in your hands.  I have no other goal than to live a life that would bring you glory. 
Until it is accomplished,

Currently listening :
Mighty to Save
By Hillsong
Release date: 25 July, 2006
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