A birthday twin and a proposition to “do this with me.

22 Jun 2006

A birthday twin and a proposition to “do this with me.


I found my new birthday twin…Jason Mraz (born on my exact birthday, year and all).  Honestly I haven’t been hibernating in his realm of creativity for quite some time, but none the less…we’re birthday twins and thats something pretty special.  He was the resident artist in my restroom for a few months without exaggeration…brightening my mood and provoking my thoughts as I cleansed myself and prepared myself for what awaited me outside the safety of my home.  Isaac, my carpoop, called him a fornicator, but that’s not a distinguishing enough characteristic for someone in his line of work.  We don’t really see eye to eye…”you and I”, but that song spoke to me about my need for conversation.  Homeboy has to be able to communicate…if there were a list, it would be towards the top. 

I have been nauseous for approximately one week and have woken up morning after morning with sore jaws and a headache.  Then there’s the chronic fever sweats at night even when its cold, hmm?  I’m not a faker!  I really am happy and my normal humorous self, but perhaps I am stressed.   I’ve got news…I have hesitated to share for reasons I am not even skilled enough to gather.  I want to handle things appropriately.  I don’t know that I even have the words to explain and answer the possible questions that will be proposed.  August 28…a great rate and a 3 bag allowance…everything is going so smoothly.  The next season is waiting to begin.
This song, The Adventure, these words are speaking so clearly for me.  “Here I am….here we go, life’s waiting to begin!  I can’t live; I can’t breathe…unless you do this with me!”  And even more than that, but the remainder stays secure within until the appropriate time.
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I haven’t thought much about the big birthday to be honest.  I can’t even picture myself being sad or disappointed this time around.  I know I am loved.  This isn’t the day for the peeps to prove it.  Most have been doing a great job year round and most importantly God has been super attentive and when that relationship is straight all is well in Julia land.  I don’t have “plans” for celebration, but I have had unique moments of personal celebration that I count as treasures.  So Cheers to everyone who has been willing to love me, relate to me, and tolerate me.  Your presence in my life is cause for celebration alone.  This year I prefer to celebrate you and dance throughout the day in gratefulness.  My friends are numerous and their hearts are generous…–David should’ve wrote at least one Psalm like that, don’t you think?

(air guitar fade out).



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